What is Cancer/Health Coaching?2021-04-06T20:01:26-04:00

Cancer/ health coaching supports the body, mind, and spirit to be in a healthy and balanced state. This state is accomplished through a health-promoting diet, reduced exposure to toxins, and a balanced nervous system.  

At the Cancer & Wellness Institute, our emphasis is on the emotional and spiritual aspects that arise going through life challenges, and to re-program the nervous system’s response to stress. 

Do emotions and stress cause cancer?

From a scientific standpoint, there is no clear evidence that stress causes cancer.

Research studies done in mice with human cells show that hormones that are produced under stress, like adrenaline, noradrenaline, and cortisol, increase tumour cell growth, promote metastasis, reduce the immune system’s response towards cancer cells, promote inflammation, and the resistance to chemotherapy-induced cell death. 

A study done with 227 breast cancer patients shows that distress reduction through psychological intervention not only improves quality of life but also overall health.

Many case studies are documented in books, interviews, and documentaries that report from people who experienced cancer regression against all odds through integrative approaches (see Resources).

What Evidence Exists in Supporting Emotional Healing Practice in Integrative Oncology?2021-04-06T14:32:04-04:00

There is no clear evidence in supporting emotional healing practice in integrative oncology. Some studies show better quality of life when patients underwent psychological interventions, but not necessarily longer survival rate. A study done with 227 breast cancer patients shows that distress reduction through psychological intervention not only improves quality of life but also overall health. However, patients of this study also underwent diet change, exercises, and psychological intervention.

Clinical trials using Emotional Freedom Techniques for cancer patients have just started to be conducted. 

If Emotions Affect Cancer, What Can We Do About It?2021-04-06T14:32:23-04:00

Things happen in life that are upsetting and stressful.

Emotions are not the problem. The problem is when life events that are upsetting and stressful are not properly processed, and continue to drain the body of vital energy over a long period of time. To learn how you can help your body-mind in emotional difficult situations to shift into a place of safety and peace is taking control over what you can control. At the Cancer & Wellness Institute, one of our goals is to educate about the nervous system and how to re-program the nervous system’s response to stress. 

Where Does a Person Look for Help when Diagnosed with Cancer?2021-04-06T14:32:43-04:00

Many hospitals offer support groups. Depending on where you live, there might also be some places that offer FREE courses and counselling for people diagnosed with cancer (look for Wellspring or Gilda’s Club).

Many integrative practitioners, and cancer survivors work as Cancer Coaches; many of them specialize in nutrition.

Our emphasis is to improve emotional and physical wellbeing by working with methods that integrate thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and subtle energies in our body. We work with the body and the mind in a way that restores balance, increase energy, and release toxins. Additionally, we educate how to create an environment of reduced toxicity, and stress, and have a health-promoting diet. Our goal is to help you create a health-promoting lifestyle that you love and enjoy.

How do Emotions Contribute to Cancer Remission?2021-04-06T14:33:16-04:00

Your emotions tell you something about your autonomic nervous system which is connected to your other systems in your body, including the immune, endocrine-, digestive- , and cardiovascular system, just to name a few. It is called psychoneuroimmunology. If you feel at peace, your body is relaxed, and in a place of safety. Your nervous system signals your body – no danger, all is good. This state is where all your other systems work in balance and harmony, helping your body to eliminate pathogens, detoxify, digest, transport oxygen and nutrients, and lots more.

How to Live to Prevent Cancer?2021-04-06T14:33:34-04:00

The best cancer prevention is to avoid/ reduce anything that increases the load of chemical toxins (from food, the environment, the water, etc.), and emotional stress (relationships, work, life events, etc), and to increase the amount of anti-oxidants, micronutrients, oxygen, and emotional and spiritual wellbeing. To live from a place of safety and trust instead of danger and fear.

Specific tests (blood, stool, imaging) done on a regular basis can be used to detect early signs of cancer. 

What Can Participants Learn from the Workshops?2021-04-06T14:33:55-04:00

The workshops are designed to understand the connection between the body-mind-spirit. To get to know how the nervous system works, how it affects your body on a physical and energetic level, how emotions are constructed, and how you can change your thoughts, behaviours, and feelings by working with your body, your mind, and the subtle energy systems, to change from habits that cause energy depletion into habits that bring energy renewal. 

Participants learn how to feel grounded and safe in stressful circumstances, how to change their fear-based perceptions to one of courage and trust, they learn how to meditate, how to tap, and how to use exercises that strengthen the body and balance the mind, to increase their vitality and strength.

What are the Most Effective Ways to Release Suppressed Emotions When you are Going Through Cancer Treatment?2021-04-06T14:34:17-04:00

Which way is the most effective way depends on the state you are in. Different situations call for different methods: you might feel anger, or frustration, and an excess amount of energy that seeks release, or you might feel overwhelm, or despair, where you have no energy available to do anything. 

Emotional Freedom Techniques is evidence-based, and a great and effective method to process emotional stress that comes along with cancer treatment. It is easy to use, always at hand, and can be integrated with other methodologies, like energy medicine, meditation, visualization, etc. 

Another great way to support your body and mind going through treatment is a method that uses acupressure points on the toes, called the Brazilian Toe Technique (Jose de Aragao introduced this technique at a Touch for Health conference in 1980). It promotes deep relaxation, activates detoxification, and helps release emotional stress, and pain, as well as treatment side effects. You need a partner for this technique.

What are the Root Causes of Cancer?2021-04-06T14:34:36-04:00

Cancer is complex, and opinions of root causes depend on who you ask. If you ask a scientist, you probably will get the answer that it is your genes, bad luck, nothing you can do. If you ask a psychologist, psychotherapist, or physician who worked with hundreds of cancer patients, they might say, it is trauma. If you ask a nutritionist, you might hear it is the processed food, your diet, and if you ask an environmental biologist, you might get the answer it is the toxins from your environment. 

Cancer has always existed, the earliest description dates back 3000 years B.C.. That was not a time of processed food and a toxic load of chemicals in your water, soil, and air. 

What is the root cause? We don’t know. Maybe a more effective question to ask is, where is the imbalance in my body that caused the symptom, and what do I need to do to restore balance back into all my systems. That is our approach at the Cancer & Wellness Institute. 

What are the Benefits of EFT Tapping?2021-04-06T14:35:44-04:00

The benefits of tapping are on an emotional level:

  • reduced levels of stress
  • reduced cravings
  • better performance
  • reduced anxiety
  • reduced PTSD symptoms
  • increased happiness

On a physical level:

  • reduced cortisol levels
  • reduced pain
  • better immune response
  • less pain
  • reduced depression
  • reduced blood pressure
How Does EFT Work?2021-04-06T14:35:29-04:00

EFT works through tapping on meridian beginning and end points. Meridians are one of several energy systems in the body, like for example chakras. They are energy pathways that are the closest to the physical body. There are 14 meridians in total. These are energy pathways that are the closest to the physical body. Individual meridians are connected to specific organs, muscles, glands, and tissue. For vital health and energy, it is important that energy crosses over from one side of the body to the other side, like the left brain hemisphere controls the right side of the body, and the rights brain hemisphere controls the left side of the body, and that the energy flows freely through all the meridians. Through tapping on specific acupressure points on the meridian, an electric signal is send to the brain that changes the activity in the brain when it is exposed to, or tuned in to a stressful event.

How Can Tapping Reduce Stress?2021-04-06T14:36:04-04:00

EFT is a body, mind, spirit approach. It uses thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and subtle energies, called meridians, to re-program the stress response of the nervous system. We don’t know the exact mechanism how it works. We know the biological effects of tapping (see What are the Benefits of Tapping), and a recent study conducted by Dr. Peta Stapleton at the Bond University in Australia, has used functional MRI studies to show that areas in the brain that are activated during stress exposure (e.g. food cravings), show no activation after tapping interventions. We know that tapping on acupressure points is a necessary ingredient for that change to happen since studies where participants tapped on points that are not associated with the meridian system, did not release the emotional charge. 

It also has been shown that tapping balances brain waves, and elevates heart rate variability, leading to a more calm and grounded state. 

One hypothesis is that tapping on beginning and end points of meridians activate receptors in the skin that respond to pressure, or distortion. This activation leads to transformation into an electrical signal which then is super fast transferred to the brain, probably via the facia, the connective tissue. In the brain, the signal calms down the amygdala, one of the centres in the limbic system that is activated in response to danger, real or perceived.

How Can I Use EFT in my Daily Life?2021-04-06T14:36:25-04:00

The advantage of tapping is that it is so simple. You are helping your nervous system to relax just by tapping on your acupuncture points. You don’t have to tap on all the meridians in order to receive a benefit. Say, you are in public and experience a situation that is causing you some unpleasant feelings; you don’t have to tap your face and body, you can just squeeze your fingertips which already “activates” six meridians, and this is often enough to feel a release. 

You might find it beneficial to do some rounds of tapping as a morning routine, or before you go to bed. Tapping can be used any time you want to do something good for our body and mind, and create more balance in your nervous system.

Can Tapping Help with Weight Loss Goals?2021-04-06T14:36:41-04:00

Yes, in fact the study that shows changes in the brain with functional MRI scans addressed food cravings, and was done with participants who were obese. The group that used tapping lost their cravings, and reached a healthy weight. This effect was long term because all participants experienced a change in their lifestyle patterns: they not only had the urge to eat healthy but also to exercise more. If you tap on the underlying issues of your eating habits, your relationship with food will change.

Can Tapping Help Motivate One to Exercise?2021-04-06T14:37:01-04:00

Yes. With tapping, you can address the underlying issues (feelings, thoughts, behaviour) that stops you from being active, and integrate the work with what motivates, inspires, and energizes you doing the exercises. 

Do We Feel the Effects of Tapping Immediately or is this Something that we Need to Practice Regularly to Benefit From?2021-04-06T14:37:19-04:00

It depends on the issue and circumstances. In some cases tapping worked really fast and immediately. Other times, more than one aspect needs to be addressed to feel the shift: An issue can hold an emotional charge that is associated with a thought, a feeling, or a behaviour, or a combination of all three. Tapping on one, or more aspects might be needed to resolve the emotional charge.  

What is is the Eden Method?2021-04-29T14:41:18-04:00

The Eden Method, former Eden Energy Medicine, is founded by Donna Eden, one of the greatest energy healers of our times. Since she was a child she could clairvoyantly see the body’s subtle energies. She has taught how to work with the body’s subtle energies to generate wellbeing and health to more than 100.000 people from all over the world and all professions. Her book “Energy Medicine” is available in 18 languages. She has created a unique system to teach her work to thousands of practitioners around the world who cannot see energies how to bring balance, more joy, and health to the human body.

How Does the Eden Method Work?2021-04-29T20:58:00-04:00

The Eden Method works with nine different subtle energy systems in the body. Some are quite well known, like the meridians, the chakra, and the aura system, others are less popular.

We energy test the body for energetic disorganization through applied kinesiology, and restore balance by working with the body, its subtle energies, muscles, and/or acupressure points.

Can I use the Eden Method on myself?2021-04-29T14:38:28-04:00

Yes. The Eden Method is all about empowering you to work with the subtle energies of your body so that you can create more balance and wellbeing for yourself and others. These are simple techniques which everyone can learn easily and effortlessly. A daily short energy routine is recommended to keep the most fundamental energy systems in flow, providing you with vitality and strength.

Why is it important to work with my subtle energies?2021-04-29T14:40:02-04:00

Every cell has an energy field, your whole body has an energy field. These fields control and organize tissue, organs, and the growth and repair of cells. If energies are balanced, flowing,  and strong, the body is strong and healthy.

Our energies are the first that are affected by our environment (toxins, shocks, EMFs, viruses, etc.). For example, never before in history were our bodies exposed to such vastly increasing high levels of electromagnetic radiation than in the last two decades, with detrimental effects on flora and fauna (plants, bees, birds). Our bodies are resilient and often can adapt. However, in some circumstances, it is just another stressor that pushes the whole system over the edge. The energies may become stagnant, imbalanced, or unorganized. These disruptions can be detected in the biofield of a person long before it shows up as a symptom in the body.  Working with the subtle energies helps the body to adapt to stressors, physically and emotionally.

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