My goal was to get out of panic mode after learning that I had breast cancer. I had many difficult decisions to make regarding treatment vs a natural route, and that took several months with your gentle guidance, great listening skills and encouragement to trust myself in whatever decisions I made/make (even if I change my mind in the future). I gained a more spiritual connection, feeling healthy despite my diagnosis / overcoming my fear of telling others that I have cancer / feeling a new closeness with my family / learning to take a gracious stand for what I believe / expressing myself with confidence in the face of doctors in the medical community / thriving from a huge resource and positive experiences working with practitioners of other modalities (acupuncture, NES Health, Biophoton therapy, etc.). I have laughed and cried and celebrated with you along the way, even as I faced my most difficult emotional decisions.

It took a lot of the loneliness out of the journey, especially because you weren’t coming from a state of worry like everyone around me:)

You gave me valuable information, resources and sources, and were right at my side to support me whenever I succumbed to worry, indecision, and fear.

I woke up once in the night and wrote you a letter in my head thanking you for being at my side, and helping me so genuinely and with such spirit this past year. What an amazing year! So many many difficult but wonderful transitions.

I appreciate so much all that you have given me with your inner wisdom, skills, and big heart. Thank you, thank you.


The most important success is my complete remission:
Also healing my past, loving myself more, learning how to deal with my fears related to cancer dis -ease, learning how to deal with the emotions and using techniques, and working with the energies.
I appreciated the love, compassion, non-judgmental attitude, trust, beautiful connection, lots of laughter ,facing fears and healing process in a most beautiful way.

Finding Mona on my journey was one of the most beautiful blessings in my life.
Her love, compassion, non-judgmental attitude, knowledge and professionalism made me trust her straight away. With such an ease i could share my deepest fears and wounds – we worked on them and were getting great results. 

I learnt a lot from Mona – how to work with my emotions by using specific techniques, how to deal with my fears, how to work with energies and make my body stronger and healthier, I understood how important are diet, level of stress, environment, cosmetics in a process of healing.
I know that without Mona I would never be able to cope with cancer the way I did – with dignity, self-love, and such courage.I felt safe, strong and brave.
I am writing this testimonial and feeling so touched and privileged that I could work with such an amazing mentor and coach. 

Thank you Mona, you will be always in my heart . 


You are not only the most beautiful human being I have ever met .

You are also the best expert in your field ! You walked me through the roughest and most difficult moments with respect, dignity, compassion, deep understanding and love. I didn’t only recover from cancer but also I became happier and more peaceful person. EFT techniques are brilliant! Your knowledge, dedication, and experience is massively impressive! Thank you very much Mona


I really appreciated you, Mona. Your generosity, kindness, support, amazing insight, ability to connect and help me understand, your availability – all of this and more! I gained understanding what the cancer is telling me, and freeing of beliefs that put me down. I like that you choose whichever is appropriate at the moment. 


Mona’s ability to help me gather insights and un-bury/de-tangle triggers was immensely helpful. She didn’t allow me to take the easy way out (passed no judgement or criticism along the way) and that it was ok to trust my instincts. Mona became a trusted advisor on my journey and let me know it was safe to trust again. The learning was very powerful, every step of the way. She provided excellent recommendations for further resources, and maintained a high degree of integrity throughout our time together. I gained incredible insight and awareness that the ‘power’ is within me to heal myself. Mona allowed me to be myself and understand emotionally that just being me was good enough – warts and all! 


Mona Meyer is a very special woman. She assisted me in a time of great suffering in my life, which of course we all go through, and I was so lucky to have discovered her through Soul 7. We then continued to work together in her private practice. She gave me different tools and techniques that could help assist me with this suffering. Tools that I was able to include in my daily practice, and tools that I was able to modify to work more effectively for me. She listens with an open heart, and she gives you her full attention and care when you are in her presence. She will work with you for the full hour and sometimes even longer because it matters to her that you get something out of each session and that you have things to work on before the next one. She loves helping people and her passion shines through in the way that she shows up and is attentive for her clients. Lots of love for her. Thanks Mona. 🙂 


Working with Mona was a transformation experience. She approached every session with passion, warmth and kindness and I have learned new skills and techniques that helped me to improve my health, develop self compassion and understand how to be loving to myself and others. I appreciate the variety of techniques she applied working with me and adjusting as to what worked the best way for me.

Mona is very open-minded person who creates trusting and comfortable atmosphere and I always felt positively impacted after each session.
Thanks to Mona’s influence my health improved, I am meditating daily, and feel positive about my daily life routine and future. 

I would strongly recommend Mona as she is always upgrading her skills by taking courses, practicing new techniques and sharing them with her clients. 


I did 4 hours of meditation yesterday and first time ever felt right and happy saying “I love you “ to myself. The world feels different as if a vail is lifting and experiences are not as before, and I’m like in a dream- discovering who I am. Thanks a lot for your compassion and liberating work, you’re amazing. Love.


Mona is very empathetic, compassionate and caring. I felt a rapport with her that made it easy to be totally open and honest. 

She makes you feel extremely comfortable and it is easy to connect with her on a deeply personal level. Mona is flexible so sessions can be adapted to suit your schedule. She provides valuable support outside of regular meetings so is always there when needed. I have been given tools to help myself in times of need. 

Mona provides the tools and guidance you need to clear issues and move forwards in order to gain more control in your life. 


Mona found a way to reach my heart and open it up to the world. I had more energy, more excitement and enhanced my relationship with the world and people around me. She realized my potential and found a way for me to transform into the person hidden deep inside who was protected in some ways behind all the emotions.  I thrive and love my life from her and the hard work she put me through. She is one of the most empathetic and compassionate women I know…it is an honour to know her.


My friend Mona had told me about tapping as a pain treatment which I found very intriguing. I had an accident and fractured a bone in my left humerus which was very painful. A week after the accident I was supposed to go back to the hospital for a check-up. During the night and especially in the morning I was in excruciating pain. But the pain now was in my right ribcage which was later diagnosed as another fracture. Since my system does not tolerate any painkillers and I could hardly bear the pain I called Mona in desperation. I did not want to miss my hospital appointment and Mona suggested to come over and treat me. I relaxed immediately and after a while the pain subsided. Since then I have had a few more treatments and am very thankful to Mona to have introduced me to this modality of EFT. I can highly recommend Mona as a very professional and compassionate mediator.


Testimonials About Workshops

This was my introduction to energy medicine and practicing the energy exercises at home brought me calm. I like doing them and I will continue to do so. The course was a good balance of content and practice and the take home exercises were helpful. I really liked the videos you made of the energy exercises. They are extremely helpful. I appreciated how authentic you were with us and that created a comfortable enjoyable atmosphere for learning. 


Mona’s passion and enthusiasm for her work is contagious. She gives her all at every session and it creates warmth, connection, and a safe and joyous place to heal. I especially like the group sessions because the feeling of connection and support is multiplied.


Mona’s enthusiasm and positive energy goes beyond the screen and involves us in a wonderful contagious way. Though tired, I was always looking forward to our meetings. Though I knew many of the EP [Energy Psychology] concepts, for patients it is an eye opening to many other ways of healing. 


I began private coaching with Mona Meyer 2.5 years ago. She gave me courage to find peace in my choices, and the ability to speak up for what I believe. I learned so much about cancer, and what effect stress, lack of exercise, poor food choices, and especially my attachment to early memories have had on my health.  

More recently, I joined Mona’s Online Autumn Tapping Circle. We meet every Tuesday evening (6 sessions) for 1.5-hours. The group is mixed (all women, different ages, backgrounds and lifestyles, not all dealing with cancer), who give each other lots to be thankful for. Mona has demonstrated to us how stress shows up in our bodies. And she has taught us some energy medicine techniques, so we can lift our spirits or calm our nervous systems in our daily lives. Each one of us brings a different mood or personal challenge to the session, or a story about how we achieved success in the previous week. It’s all good and openly accepted in a very kind and comfortable way. We inevitably leave feeling uplifted and connected to our small community of brilliant women. 

Mona Meyer is vibrant, full of hope, and dedicated to her work in helping each of us live the most peaceful and happy lives that we can imagine. I highly recommend Mona’s personal cancer coaching program or any online group sessions that she might offer in the future.


What a great experience to be in Mona’s online Autumn Tapping Circle. I had heard so much about her from my dear friend who has been receiving cancer coaching and I was invited to participate. Mona has a sweet and giving enthusiasm that one cannot help but be infected by. She is brilliant in her knowledge of meridian and energy points in the body and how they relate holistically to all our organs and the effect they have on us, especially if we are out of balance. Mona has wonderful deep insight and uses tapping to help our nervous system to stay calm in the fight or flight feelings  we encounter. At first I was nervous that this would be a very heavy intense experience, but that is not at all who Mona is. She is light hearted, creative, kind, and loves to have just the right amount of fun to lift our energy and spirit.


Thank you so much for all the wonderful information! I feel so blessed to have enrolled in this workshop. So grateful to be in this class with you! – Thank You!


I definitely would recommend the Cancer & Emotions workshop for anybody who likes to take control of their health. There is a lot to learn about preventive measures to stay healthy.


Mona is an excellent teacher and a kindhearted soul. She cares about her participants and provides a warm and relaxing atmosphere. She is passionate about her work, is extremely knowledgable, and her workshops are both helpful and informative. I highly recommend her, and I would definitely recommend the workshop Cancer & Emotions because I think most cancer patients, and people in general, are unaware of such things as tapping and energy healing.


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