Individual Sessions – CANCER COACHING

This is all about YOU – to have what you need in the moment, and to support you in achieving your goals, either long-term, or short-term. Book a FREE consultation session with me to find out how I can be of help to you. We offer three types of sessions as below:

GOLD (6 Months – 24 Sessions)

Gold Program at Cancer & Wellness Institute

This is the heart of all of our programs if you are looking for someone going through the “river of change” with you. You are not sick because you have cancer, the cancer was able to manifest because your body has been under chronic stress for a long period of time, providing the perfect environment for the cancer to manifest. Now it is your time to take care of yourself, and step-by-step restore your energies by working with your body, your environment, your mind, your heart, and bring balance, joy, and peace back into your life. This is not just about changing your lifestyle; this is about healing yourself, your body, your mind, your heart. I am accompanying you every step on the way, helping you to connect with the inner wisdom of your body-mind-heart. There is so much you can do.

SILVER (3 Months – 12 Sessions)

Silver Program at Cancer & Wellness Institute

If you have already taken steps for an integrative approach to your cancer care, for example diet, and you believe that a great deal of healing is about your thoughts, feelings, habits, and restoring balance to your body-mind,  this program is for you. It is a holistic body-mind-spirit approach integrating work with the subtle energies of your body to have more energy, to process emotions of stress, and to shift into health-promoting habits that support your body’s recuperation.

BRONZE (6 Weeks – 6 Sessions)

Bronze Program at Cancer & Wellness Institute

This program is for you if energy work, and a holistic approach to your health care is already a part of your daily routine, and you would like some support to work through one area/ aspect of your life, emotional and/ or physical, that you have not yet gotten the success you are looking for. 

*Please note that for Canadians HST is not included in the above prices.

Individual Sessions – WELLNESS COACHING

HEALTHY – A Way of Living (12 Weeks – 6 Sessions)

Wellness Coaching at Cancer & Wellness Institute
Are you looking for a way to have more energy, improve your health, and feel better? Are you struggling to change habits that don’t serve you well? Would you like to have a deeper connection with yourself and your body? Would you like to experience your life with more joy and peace?
This program is for you – I accompany you to change your lifestyle into one that supports your physical and emotional wellbeing on all levels. Connect with me for a FREE consultation session. Im looking forward to connecting with you.

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