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Becoming Truly Alive

A Journey of the Body, Mind and Soul Towards LIFE

The journey of life is filled with surprises, obstacles and choices. As much as we are trying to have a good life, a healthy body, and a happy social life, we also need to face crises. You might struggle with an illness, or you are in remission and constantly worrying that the illness will come back, or you are afraid of getting an illness in the future. Maybe you are living a good life but your body is showing you in form of symptoms (even minor ones) that something is out of balance and you simply can’t get to it.

The extend to which your thoughts, your emotions, your heart and your energies mature in the face of life’s challenges determines much about your health, your happiness and well-being, emotionally and physically.

Know thyself is an expression that can be traced back to almost all cultures throughout times. In every culture and tradition it was known that the hidden treasures of our lives lay in the challenge of knowing the SELFand BECOMING it. That means, creating awareness and coherence of your heart, mind, and your energy body. When your energies are healthy and strong, when the heart and mind is in unity you are at peace and in a state that promotes healing on all levels because everything IS ENERGY and MATTER FOLLOWS ENERGY.

In this workshop, you will take your body, mind and heart through a healing map, ignite your self-healing powers and evolve your nervous- and energy system to align to the energies of trust and joy instead of fear and worry so that you BECOME TRULY ALIVE.

About the Place:

Yoga i Hagen is not a hotel. It is so much more. Owned and loved by Lena Westin and her husband, this place is a haven to rejuvenate body, mind and soul. People come here and love to be here, Lena says. The river is 10 meters from the house. You can go swimming, stay in the sauna, enjoying the woods, take a bike ride and more… All throughout summer, we are happy to use all the vegetables from the farmer in the village. It is a lovely time to come.

How to get there:

The easiest way from Arlanda airport in Stockholm is to take a train from Arlanda to Borlänge (the closest city). From Borlänge you can take the bus number 121 to ICA E16 Dala-Floda. There, we will pick you up by car and bring you to the house (2km).

Of course it is also easy to rent a car at the airport and drive 250 km (Arlanda – Dala-Floda).

Cost for Accomodation and Meals:

700 SEK per person per day (currency converter).

You can book your accomodation and meals with Lena Westin and stay as long or as short as you like.

Contact Info: yogaihagen@gmail.com.

Cost for the Workshop

376 Euros

To Register: Email Mona Meyer at mona@cancerandwellnesscenter.com

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