May 22, 2021

Did you know that you can activate energies of JOY?

JOY is such a wonderful frequency and energy.

Wouldn’t you agree?

JOY has many faces:

It connects us to our life force.

It has the power to heal.

It is creation in its purest form.

It creates new life:

Imagine, how many babies would be born without the energies of JOY and bliss?

JOY is the opposite of sadness, grief, and separation.

JOY is connection.

JOY is compassion.

JOY is peace.

JOY is beauty.

Your body carries an energy system that is all about JOY!

Donna Eden calls it the RADIANT CIRCUITS.

In Traditional Chinese medicine they are called “Strange Flows”, or “Extraordinary Vessels”.

They are described in ancient Chinese texts that date back some 4,500 years.

You are experiencing them when you are in love, have an orgasm, feel blissful, or gratitude in you heart.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because sometimes you might feel stuck.

You might have the same feeling of sadness, despair, hopelessness, frustration, anger over and over again…

Maybe you were even born with it…

And no matter what you do, you just cannot get out of the negative thinking.

It is easy to go there, especially in times like these.

There is no reason to blame yourself for feeling this way.

Thinking that something is wrong with you.

The Radiant Circuits have the power to overcome negative habits, and negative thinking.

However, sometimes they become dormant just like a bear laying in its den during the winter season.

Activating them can shift your feelings and thoughts to optimism, trust, peace, and JOY.

They connect you with your inner SELF; you feel more grounded, centred, and positive about the future.

You can activate your Radiant Circuits just by thinking of something that makes you happy (being with your loved ones, enjoying a beautiful place, thinking of a special moment you’ve experienced, etc.).

However, if it is not easy to go there by thought alone, you can activate the energies through simple exercises.

There are 10 Radiant Circuits that you can work with, and I want to share one of them with you today because it is one of my favourites.

It helps you being grounded, feeling inspired, and connected.

You’ll find the link at the end of this article but wait!… one more thing…

Activating a Radiant Circuit is like training a muscle, the more you do it, the faster your muscle gets in shape, becomes stronger, and stays strong and beautiful.

During this time of Covid, activating my Radiant Circuits on a daily basis has helped me stay sane, feel safe, and still find moments of inspiration, and JOY.

Make your energies RADIANT ?

Here is the link to my video…





P.S. Contact me if you have any questions, or would like to share what is coming up for you. I am always happy to hear from you…

P.P.S. I am teaching more about the Energies of JOY in my workshop “The Foundations of your Health” coming this fall.