April 19, 2021

Why You Should Be a GENIUS… and this is not about you

Some years ago, a 94-years old woman gave me a gift for Christmas: a genius hat.

I loved the colour, and didn’t think much of it until people on the street commented on it: “So, you are a genius?”

Of course I felt uncomfortable at first, and started telling the whole story of how I came to this hat. I told them about this woman who had such an incredible life story, and our connection.

Last week, on my walk I was pretty aware of my hat, and what it said… and it gave me food for thought: Why am I a genius?

And what came to me was… I am a genius because…

–  the most GENIUS of all, the creator, gave me life, there is a reason that I am here

  • I am created from love
  • my parents are geniuses
  • my grandparents were geniuses
  • their parents, and all my ancestors were geniuses
  • every life on this earth is a genius

A friend of mine used to say: “I am God’s handiwork”. Think about it… isn’t that true?

I was thinking nothing good has ever come from …

  • Im not good enough
  • Im not worthy
  • Im unlovable
  • Im less than…

Every single action that comes from shame, guilt, fear, anger, and pride is based on one form of “I am not enough” with detrimental effects on your wellbeing and relationships.

In fact, whenever I am not the best version of myself, when I am unkind, when I feel despair and lonely, when I feel angry with myself or others, this is what is running in the back of my mind. All my struggles, pains, symptoms, and fears, can be traced back to one of those beliefs.

These are my shadows, and they are with me 24/7.

We all live with our shadows, and the only way to create change in your life, and the life of others is to work with your shadows, to notice them, to embrace them, and to hold them in your heart.

I was reading the other day “The moment you embrace it, you control it”, meaning you can shift your feelings, your thoughts, and your behaviours.

Your relationship starts with your parents; The moment you embrace your parents just as they are, you set yourself free to embrace all of yourself. The moment you start seeing the genius in your parents, you start seeing the genius in yourself. Imagine the consequences…

Imagine, how you would feel, behave, and think if you believed that you are enough, worthy, lovable,equal, that you are here because you are meant to be here for a reason.. just like everyone else.

This is where you start living a healthier and happier life:

Get really clear on what are the reasons YOU are a genius?

Wishing you a genuine time with this exercise.

Much love,


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P.S. If you have thoughts or questions you’d like to share please do so. I am looking forward to them.