January 21, 2021

The #1 gift that will make you feel better, have more energy, and promotes your health

The #1 Gift

A couple of days ago, I watched one of my favourite documentaries, and I really wanted to share it with you. I just LOVE this movie and what it brought into my life.

What if there was a really simple way to help your body and mind being healthier, more resilient, protected, and happier? Well,… there is… it is called EARTHING.

Make yourself a nice cup of tea, get cozy, and click here to watch the movie…  you’ll be happy you did…

With a deeper understanding of the energies that determine so much about our wellbeing and health, I know that earthing is more important than ever to manifest these things into our lives.

I am teaching more about earthing and what it does to our body’s energies in my courses, but here is just a quick summary of why you want to consider earthing to feel better, and support your body’s self-healing powers.

Connecting to the earth…

  • It is important to release excess energy from shock, even the tiny little once you might experience watching the news,  back into the earth … and absorb vital energy from the earth into the body
  • Through the absorption of free electrons from the earth’s surface, the body equalized to the same electric energy level as the earth, providing you with more energy, and shock-proofing your whole system
  • Free electrons have strong antioxidant properties, and research studies show that grounding reduces inflammationin the body through neutralization of free radicals (free radicals cause the destruction of cell membranes, DNA, protein, tissue, etc.)
  • The victorious US team of the Tour de France, lead by Lance Armstrong, used earthing in the last three competitions, and the following observations were made by Dr. Jeffrey Spencer:
    • Reduction of pain
    • Less pain medication
    • Better sleep
    • Faster healing
    • Less sickness
    • Better oral health
    • Better ability to handle stress
    • More stable psychologic disposition
    • More energy
    • Feeling more rested
    • Improved range of motion

Connecting with the earth roots you, and affects you holistically (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually). You become more resilient, your cells are healthier and happier, and you feel more connected and grounded in yourself.

Enjoy the FREE gift of Mother Earth ?

With love,