May 13, 2021

The Matrix and brain research… you’ve got the power

Have you ever watched the movie The Matrix? If not, I highly recommend it… and here is why…

What the movie and research in neuroscience show is that your brain is the biggest simulator. It simulates your “life” 24/7. It predicts your future based on your past experiences, and beliefs: You SEE what you BELIEVE.

That was a huge transformation for me: In science we believed when we saw the evidence…

In The Matrix, Neo, struggles and all his trainings and talents are limited… until that moment when HE makes the decision and he is “beginning to believe”, he becomes a new person. He gains a strength, a power, that comes from within… and it changes everything…

If you look into latest neuroscience research, it confirms what religions, enlightened spiritual masters, shamans, and even Yoda (?) taught all along… you SEE what you BELIEVE, not the other way around. The world you experience is merely a perception of what you believe. You create more than you might think. Even your emotions are not triggered, you actually CONSTRUCT them: The moment a sensation from your body reaches the brain, this information is processed according to what you KNOW from past experiences, and what you BELIEVE. You FEEL what you BELIEVE.

The most important part for change, to live from a state of courage and creation instead of fear and survival, is to make up your mind. Like Yoda says it: “Do or do not. There is no try.”✨

What gets in the way to SEE and experience a beautiful life, great health, heart-felt connections, prosperity, and abundance? … unconscious patterns… our perceptions.

Carl Gustav Jung said: “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

How do you know what you really believe? Through what is showing up in your life… and how you FEEL about it. Your emotions give you information about your unconscious. A book that changed my life about emotions, and how to work with them, is “Healing through the dark emotions” from Miriam Greenspan. There is so much wisdom and healing if you embrace yourself and ALL your emotions. There are no bad, or wrong emotions… emotions are information, telling you what you are thinking and believing. Emotions don’t have power in itself. It is what you DO that impacts your life, your health, your relationships, not what you FEEL.

The more you become aware of the programs that are running your sensations, your thoughts, your behaviour, and direct them consciously, energetically, and physically to where you want them to be, the more you are creating your life.

This is a journey, a training, a hike, however you want to call it, and it takes practice because it is outside of your 3-dimensional world, and you cannot comprehend and access it with your 3-dimensional thinking. It takes access to a different realm… freed from what you know and is familiar to you. This is where meditation, contemplation, and other wonderful healing modalities come into place.

It is like Alice in Wonderland, curious to discover a new world with all its magic, surreal and full of surprises.

This week, I invite you to start playing… take some time, relax, be fully grounded and present in your body… put your dream cap on, and watch yourself in a situation that inspires you, that elevates your frequency. Who are you in that simulation? What are you believing about yourself, the world? What are you thinking? What are you passionate about? What are your actions? Observe and be curious.

I wish you much joy simulating… creating… SEEING…