April 19, 2021

Polarities… Your Biggest Strength and Your Biggest Weakness

Shadows - Polarities

Everything in this universe is about polarities: Plus-minus, hot-cold, north-south, masculine-feminine, etc. Life cannot exist without it: your cells in your body have polarities, and the development of the embryo depends on it.

Understanding the concept of polarities can shift your life: Disease is the polar opposite from health, the energy that made you sick (imbalance) is the same energy that holds the secret for wholeness (balance).

The best doctors are the ones that once where the sickest patients, the most successful FBI agent is the one who was a criminal himself… Why? Because they think and feel alike – same energy different polarities. Looking at you

r life challenges this way can open the door to profound insights for your wellbeing.

One aspect of dis-ease is chronic systemic inflammation, an immune response towards the body’s own tissue. It holds an energy of aggression.

When you experience something that shocks your system (life events, toxins, EMFs, etc), consciously or unconsciously, excess energy builds up. The body-mind goes into a fight/ flight state. This energy goes to the most vulnerable places in your body, creating imbalance. The consequence is stress, physically and emotionally.

It is like a house without grounding wires. As soon as lightening hits, the electrical system gets overcharged, and the excessive energy blows up the TV, or toaster, or any other device that is connected to the system.

The body communicates with you via your emotions: Guilt, grief, fear, anger… is telling you that you got hit by “lightening”.

In one of my live webinars, I got the question “If emotions contribute to cancer progression, what can we do about it? Things happen in life that are upsetting and stressful”? I love this question because EMOTIONS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. It becomes a problem if that what caused stressful emotions isn’t processed, and it becomes excessive stagnant energy in the body.

When you feel that it is too much to handle, consciously or unconsciously, when your only coping mechanism is to escape, or to shut down, it will manifest as an aggression in the body, stored in the basement, unseen, and unfelt.

How can you identify suppressed emotions if you don’t feel them? Your body shows you, it is an emotion of aggression… a part of you that is the polar opposite of your strength, like love, kindness, care, compassion. This is what some call “my shadow”.

When I was a teenager, I had lots of unprocessed anger in my system which I wasn’t even aware of. For many years, I had huge eczema around my eyes. I could not go a day without applying cortisol. It was painful, emotionally and physically. Until I addressed the aggression underneath my grief, and sadness, worked systemically with my whole body, mind, and heart to release the excessive energy, I did not find release.

It takes honest, and sometimes difficult work with yourself to identify and embrace the shadow, and yet, once it is seen and integrated, you feel love, freedom, joy, and peace.

I want to end with a quote from Dr. Lisa Rankin:

You may think happiness is the goal, but the truth is that whole, balanced, authentically expressed, soulfully attuned people dont always feel happy. They feel rage, sadness, disappointment, frustration, confusion, jealousy, and emotional and physical pain, in addition to ecstasy, joy, gratitude, contentment, awe, wonder, satisfaction, fulfillment, bliss, and rapture!

What if life is not all about catching the carousel ring of happiness? What if life is more about feeling truly alive and living the whole human experience dialled way up?”

Embrace and love ALL of yourself 


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