August 21, 2020

How Tapping Changed the Reaction Towards a Cancer Diagnosis

Last Monday I received a voice message from one of my best friends in Germany, telling me that they found a tumour in her stomach. I was shocked. I was not expecting that at all. When I connected with her, she looked frightened and tense, quite the opposite from her usual fun and driven spirit. 

While she was sharing the shocking news, I started tapping. I suggested to get a second or even third opinion from a different hospital, or doctor but I could see that she was afraid and wanted to take immediate action. And here is how things all of a sudden changed: While I was tapping, she intuitively started tapping as well. We talked and tapped… and about an hour later, I saw her face easing up from the tension, she was grounded and clear… and we started exploring options. We began to make plans: What to eat, how to support the body’s immune system, and how to reduce stress. She got curious about her treatment options, and got ideas about whom to reach out for to get more information about her cancer. She gained back control, she had an action plan… and it felt good. 

It was a moment where we both felt relieved… we even made jokes and laughed. Even though we knew life would never be the same, there was hope, connection, and a plan to support her body, mind, and heart. We never know what life has in store for us but one thing is for sure: life is always changing. Sometimes we have wonderful surprises that bring us safety and joy, and other times we have to deal with uncertainty and fear.

It is in those times that we need loving connections, people that help us feel safe, inspire us, and surround us with compassion, and the right information that can be harnessed to support us on our healing journey. I see and experience every day how tapping changes the reaction towards a stressful situation. One of the reasons that tapping is becoming more and more popular is because it works, it is effective, and simple. Tapping…

  • helps processing emotions quickly
  • balances the nervous system in times of distress and adversity, and
  • elevates pleasant feelings when we tap into calm, peace, and joy

When I learned tapping, I wanted to know what I was actually tapping on: the meridian, the corresponding organ, and the emotional theme of that meridian. Even though you will still experience the benefits of tapping (e.g. strengthened immune system, balanced emotions), this really helped me to connect with my body and feelings on a deeper level, and to tap with intention. In the video below, I describe each tapping point and how it relates to your physical body, and the emotions associated with it. I wanted to share this information with you because maybe it will enhance your tapping experience too ?.

I would love to hear about your thoughts and/ or experiences with tapping, so please leave a comment below the video. With lots of support, love…and a balanced nervous system ? ?,

Meridians and Emotions behind Tapping PointsVideo: