September 21, 2020

How to Get Out of a Funk


How to get out of a funk… and 4 areas to create balance for your body-mind-heart.

Have you ever been in a funk…? Have you ever felt like “my situation is never going to change“? … and it brought you to a deep and dark place, feeling hopeless, alone, and despair? This is where I found myself recently… and it showed up physically as well: I woke up with a sty in my eyelid, and an eczema spot in my armpit (all of which is healed by now). Why am I sharing this with you? Because of the healing potential we all can tap into, and one of the questions I’ve received: What methods or steps should I integrate that are important and reliable to help my body heal? That is a great question. 

When I researched what people did differently who went into spontaneous remission, it became clear to me that cancer is not a disease, it is a symptom. It is your body telling you that something has gotten out of balance for too long, and if you tune into your feelings, your behaviours, and patterns that you are repeatedly experiencing, you can bring awareness to the unconscious habits that either give you energy, or deplete your energies. Our body talks to us in ways of symptoms, and this is no different with cancer. So what does it take to bring balance back to the body, mind, and energy system? First of all it takes an openness and exploration. Balance can be created in different areas, for example:

  • the physical… environment (diet, toxins, exposure to radiation, viruses, etc.)
  • the mind… beliefs (I’m not good enough), unprocessed emotions (feeling unhappy, shameful , guilty, lonely, etc.)
  • the energy system… energy imbalances in the subtle energies of the body (meridians, chakras, etc.)
  • systemic imbalances… looking at cancer in the context of our relationships (partner, family, ancestors, colleagues, work, etc.)

You might be drawn to one or the other area and modality at one time, and to another one at another time. 

Any symptom opens a path of “ask and receive. “What brought imbalance to my body-mind-heart“? “What is the message my body tries to convey“? Often, I tune with my clients into the cancer cells, and we feel what they need, why they are hurting, and the answer always moves my heart because it opens a path for peace and compassion for self. My journey from a cancer researcher into the energy world of cancer started with a whole bunch of questions: Where does cancer come from? What controls cancer? How does the nervous system regulate cancer? What are energy systems of the body? How do they work? How are they connected to the nervous system? How are emotions connected to cancer? And how can I support my body’s healing working with these systems? These questions opened up a whole different world… a world beyond conventional symptom treatment, and for me it reframed what “healing”, and stepping into the self-healing power of the body is all about. I am wondering… What is coming up for you reading this article? What kind of questions are you asking yourself?

Much support and inspiration
Mona P.

P.S. I have a long list of literature I recommend to my clients to find inspiration and education, and today I’d like to share with you 3 books from that list: