Cancer is complex, and opinions of root causes depend on who you ask. If you ask a scientist, you probably will get the answer that it is your genes, bad luck, nothing you can do. If you ask a psychologist, psychotherapist, or physician who worked with hundreds of cancer patients, they might say, it is trauma. If you ask a nutritionist, you might hear it is the processed food, your diet, and if you ask an environmental biologist, you might get the answer it is the toxins from your environment. 

Cancer has always existed, the earliest description dates back 3000 years B.C.. That was not a time of processed food and a toxic load of chemicals in your water, soil, and air. 

What is the root cause? We don’t know. Maybe a more effective question to ask is, where is the imbalance in my body that caused the symptom, and what do I need to do to restore balance back into all my systems. That is our approach at the Cancer & Wellness Institute.