Every cell has an energy field, your whole body has an energy field. These fields control and organize tissue, organs, and the growth and repair of cells. If energies are balanced, flowing,  and strong, the body is strong and healthy.

Our energies are the first that are affected by our environment (toxins, shocks, EMFs, viruses, etc.). For example, never before in history were our bodies exposed to such vastly increasing high levels of electromagnetic radiation than in the last two decades, with detrimental effects on flora and fauna (plants, bees, birds). Our bodies are resilient and often can adapt. However, in some circumstances, it is just another stressor that pushes the whole system over the edge. The energies may become stagnant, imbalanced, or unorganized. These disruptions can be detected in the biofield of a person long before it shows up as a symptom in the body.  Working with the subtle energies helps the body to adapt to stressors, physically and emotionally.