EFT is a body, mind, spirit approach. It uses thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and subtle energies, called meridians, to re-program the stress response of the nervous system. We don’t know the exact mechanism how it works. We know the biological effects of tapping (see What are the Benefits of Tapping), and a recent study conducted by Dr. Peta Stapleton at the Bond University in Australia, has used functional MRI studies to show that areas in the brain that are activated during stress exposure (e.g. food cravings), show no activation after tapping interventions. We know that tapping on acupressure points is a necessary ingredient for that change to happen since studies where participants tapped on points that are not associated with the meridian system, did not release the emotional charge. 

It also has been shown that tapping balances brain waves, and elevates heart rate variability, leading to a more calm and grounded state. 

One hypothesis is that tapping on beginning and end points of meridians activate receptors in the skin that respond to pressure, or distortion. This activation leads to transformation into an electrical signal which then is super fast transferred to the brain, probably via the facia, the connective tissue. In the brain, the signal calms down the amygdala, one of the centres in the limbic system that is activated in response to danger, real or perceived.